Scatterlings - Art by Renee Walden

about me

I am Renee Walden, the artist behind Scatterlings. I live and work from my home in beautiful Lake Hawea, New Zealand.


I am an artist, climber and traveller. But I was an artist first.

I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't making something, drawing something, creating something. It's part of who I am. Then in 2012 my husband, business partner and I sold our website development business and I've been travelling, climbing, adventuring and creating art full time.


This change in my lifestyle has had a profound effect on my artwork. I've had plenty of time to play and experiment, my own studio workspace to create a fulltime mess in, and a clear and open headspace to explore and develop ideas. I've met wonderful, different, wacky people. And seen new, exciting and sometime strange things. And my art has developed as a result.


For me it's all about capturing my environment.

I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world - surrounded by lakes, mountains, forest and wilderness. So much wilderness and solitude and pristine nature. But climbing and adventure also takes me to the best parts of the rest of the world. Places where culture and history are also part of beautiful environments.


When traveling, I capture the places I visit by drawing outside on location. I always have a sketchbook with me and watercolours and pens. In these sketchbooks are drawings and paintings, stories and collage that record my journey in a way a photo never could. And in 2014 I started sketching on loose sheets and these drawings have become completed works. You can view them here.


Back home in my studio, my works on wood and canvas have developed into a more abstract form. These paintings still reflect my enviroment and adventures, but my emotions, dreams, ideas and doodles are in them too. My aim is for these passions to be reflected in the paintings and to resonate with the viewer.


Feel free to have a nosey around my portfolio.



Yes I do commissions. Drop me a line with what you have in mind.




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I am a member of the Queenstown Art Society and the Wanaka Art Society. I have works on display at The Cloakroom Gallery in Queenstown and you can view works for sale here.