Scatterlings - Art by Renee Walden

Renee Walden - New Zealand Artist


Hello! I am Renee Walden, the artist behind Scatterlings. I live and work from my home on the beautiful South Island of New Zealand.


I am an artist, climber and traveller.


Surrounded by lakes and the Southern Alps, when I'm not happily creating in my studio, I'm off into the wilderness which surrounds me. I love to travel, especially to Europe, enjoying rock climbing and exploring beautiful villages with my sketchbook and watercolours.


Exploring and adventure are important to me. You've probably seen the posters "Out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens". I adventure in the mountains, but I also adventure in my art studio. These experiences are interlinked for me.


So with every drop of paint, every stroke of the brush, a little bit of magic happens. You'll find my love of mountains in my paintings, the sea, nature and trees, imaginary places where everyone is happy, the skies can be yellow and the mountains pink ...


Most of my paintings are abstracts or imaginary landscapes, or illustrative watercolours from my backyard and overseas travels.


Feel free to browse some of my artwork and prints for sale . Join me on Facebook to follow my journey. Or just drop me a note to say 'Hi'.